What Our Patients Say About Us..........

I’m very confident that Dr Hicks will give me a great smile again I would love to thank Caitlyn for referring me to the doctor.
Katherine C.
October 2018

The dentist and his staff are not "providers," but educated caring and competent people
Diane G.
October 2018

Dr. Hicks and his entire staff are outstanding and very professional. I would highly recommend them for long-term Dental Care. Alix their new hygienist is one of the best I have had....Excellent addition to the team. A+++
James L.
September 2018

Actually I have aggressively recommended "my dentist" to many people!!! Dr. Hicks is not only a perfectionist about the teeth he treats, but he is a warm, kind, intelligent human being. The entire staff reflects his persona--they are fabulous. There are only positives to say about this practice; the only negative is I wish I had known about this incredible dental practice years earlier.
Sandee L.
September 2018

If one can make a visit to the dentist office a pleasant experience you have figured out how to make that happen! Well done. Keep up the great work.
Carl S.
September 2018

Congratulations on the new office. It's beautiful. Thank you very much for all the years of providing me with superb service!!! Love you all!
Clare H.
August 2018

Beautiful new state of the art dental office! Dr. Hicks and his staff are always very professional, patient and courteous.
Margaret B.
August 2018

Outstanding treatment from my prophy to my restoration. I always am made to feel like part of the dental family when I have an appointment . I will always recommend Dr. Hicks and staff.
Debbie M.
January 2016

Having moved around the country and Europe my whole life, I've seen MANY dentists. And if you find a good one? Don't move again. I travel 45 minutes to see Dr. Hicks and he and his staff is worth every mile! Having tried SEVERAL other practices in the area and not staying at any I am glad to say I finally found a great smile protector in the NW suburbs! Most practices cut corners, use inferior products or attempt to treat you for things you don't need. This staff cares, and are very honest. (which is a relief) If you need work they will tell you and explain the consequences.... Not pushy, very professional. And my smile has never looked better!!!!
Laura W.
December 2015

I slipped on some ice and landed on my arms and face. My first thought was "are my teeth still there?" Yes they were, my lips were bleeding and swollen but my teeth were there. When I went to the emergency room, the doctor was checking to make sure none of my teeth were chipped or loose and he said, "you have beautiful teeth.. . and I was like "ok" and he said no really, you have beautiful teeth". Well, they weren't when I started going to Dr. Hicks. . getting rid of all the silver fillings, and his meticulous matching of crowns to my existing teeth have given me a beautiful smile. And his use of the "novocaine wand" has removed any anxiety I had about going to the dentist. My previous dentist was giving me multiple novocaine shots and I was still in immense pain. His office always has the most up to date technology and procedures. Dr. Hicks and his staff are very professional and caring.
Margaret B.
December 2015

I always expect the ultimate in dental care and I have NEVER been disappointed. I know these people and always expect the max in dental care and always receive exactly that. I totally trust that I am getting the best. EVA
Eva W.
December 2015

EXCELLENT AS EVER! Everyone in this office, from the hygienist, administrative assistant, dental assistant, to the best of all, Dr. Hicks, are very kind and have always maintained the most pleasant attitudes showing interest in all of their patients, not just their teeth! The most wonderful dental staff I've ever met or heard of! I will continue to recommend them to anyone
Joyce C.
December 2015

Dr. Hicks and his entire staff make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. I have been with Dr. Hicks since he started his practice in Buffalo Grove and I would not even consider leaving him for another dentist. His attention to detail and his professionalism tells you that the work he is doing for you is going to be perfect. I have had all sorts of work done in his office from cleanings to implants and I have been totally satisfied. You feel like part of the family.
Marie W.
December 2015

I've been going to Dr Hicks since he started his practice in Buffalo Grove. His entire team is outstanding in every respect - professional, courteous, caring, punctual, personable, - every metric you could think of. I feel like I'm visiting with friends when I go to his office.
John G.
December 2015

Dr. Hicks and his staff treat me as if I were a family member. I never worry about dental appointments; in fact I always leave feeling great. My husband claims he goes there for the cookies, but I know he is thankful to be a patient of this practice.
Julia L.
December 2015

Well Done! Everything went well today. Thanks to all of you.
Helen F.
December 2015

Please let Dr. Hicks know that the Novocaine injection that he gave me was the best I ever had!! I didn't feel a thing! That type of dentistry certainly takes the fear out of going to the dentist.
Jan R.
August 2015

I wish I’d done it ten years ago. I was reluctant and I shouldn’t have been. I’ve recently finished a smile transformation resulting from restorations and short-term adult orthodontics.

My journey.

Consultation. Through casual discussions on options for correcting chipped front teeth, Dr. Hicks was encouraging and wonderfully detailed in explaining options and the merits of each. Encouraging is the key here. It took me a while to get there – believing my chipped teeth were not that noticeable to anyone but me. Until I gave the green light, the subject did not surface unless I initiated it.

Plan. Prior to restorations, a series of Invisalign orthodontics were necessary. Like most things, there was an adjustment period (short) until they became a routine.

Insurance. Armed with the Restoration Plan and investment needed, timing was intentionally planned for use of my Flexible Spending Account (FSA). A welcome surprise came early in the Plan when the dental insurance company began sending me checks for funding of the orthodontics (and I wouldn’t describe my company’s dental benefit’s as attractive).

Music. Patient choice on artist or genre. May seem inconsequential although it was a welcome relaxation to already low stress appointments. As an 80’s girl at heart, it was always great to pass the time with the Police and REM.

Panic Lapse. Shortly after front teeth had been prepped for their restorations and I was fitted with temporaries, I had a bit of panic. Looking back, the panic was unfounded. They’re just temporaries and Dr. Hicks made adjustments until I was happy with the look.

Plan Final Stages. Permanents were in although size and color were a bit off. A bit. Likely imperceptible to any non-dental professional. They were sent back for adjustments. I was grateful for the great attention to detail. Adjustments ended up as Final and they look like the teeth I would have had naturally if I hadn’t damage them. Actually better than naturally, because they’re straighter.

Long story short (I know, too late), if you’re thinking about restoration, I recommend –

1/ Exploring the conversation

2/ Checking into dental insurance coverage
Tricia is a great resource. Hopefully you’ll have a nice surprise as I did. (Tricia likely explained this although insurance detail takes my mind to anywhere else.)

3/ Being happy with the temporaries
Dr. Hicks and team will do any adjustments to make sure you’re comfortable with the aesthetics

4/ Encouraging anyone you know that’s exploring the idea to talk to Dr. Hicks
Christine S.
November 2014

I love coming in to my appointments. From the minute I walk in I feel as if I have stepped in to visit all my "FAVORITE" family members. Everyone is very nice and comforting at all times. Dr. Hicks is amazing, very professional and patient. When I was in Invisalign braces, he always made every visit a successful one. Always making sure it was all in order and running smoothly.
Dana G.
August 2014

Dr. Hicks and his staff keep me coming back because they are true professionals with the friendly disposition of close family/friends. Tricia has excellent follow-up and is well organized, Dr Hicks is attentive, listens well, and clearly describes options and Helen and Ann are real pros who have won my utmost trust and confidence.
Hichem B.
June 2014

I can honestly say that I look forward to visiting Dr. Hicks' office. The whole staff is very friendly and caring. They make sure that I am always comfortable, even providing my choice of music. I have recommended family and friends and they all agree.
Judy S.
June 2014

I have had two major dental procedures recently, including a bridge & restorations. I was very pleased at the extraordinary work Dr. Hicks conducted and the results exceeded my expectations. I'm complimented on my smile and the great work done. Thank you for enhancing my quality of life. This dental office is the best I've ever experienced. The staff is very friendly and caring and every effort is made for patient's comfort. I was impressed by the technology and dental innovations they use. My work was painless and of the highest quality. My family and I will be patients here for life!
Lisa G.
May 2014

The quality of care always exceeds my expectations. The team provides a pleasant and comfortable experience as soon as I walk through the door. Always greeted by each member of the team with a welcoming, positive feeling, I look forward to every one of my appointments. Everyone is friendly with a great sense of humor! something that puts one at ease in a dental office! Anyone looking for a referral for a dentist gets sent to Dr. Hicks' office by me. Feels like family there!
Nina T.
May 2014

Somehow I chipped my front tooth. I called Dr. Hicks' office and they got me in right away. The procedure was easy and pain free! He matched the color of my tooth perfectly and you cant' even tell it was ever chipped! Wonderful Experience!
Kristen M.
March 2014

I have never in life had an effective going over and professional dental appointment as what I experienced in your office Monday. Your entire staff is superb and should be commended.
Clinton R.
March 2014

I tell all my friends when I am going to the dentist that I am going to the spa!
Tammy G.
February 2014

I had a really rough day at work and couldn't wait to leave early to come to Dr. Hicks' office to relax during my dental appointment.
Donna V.
February 2014

I had never really gone to the dentist as a kid. I came to Dr Hicks in pain and with holes in my teeth. With all those cavities getting fixed they kept me always pain-free and the appointments as short or long as I wanted until I loved the way my teeth looked and felt and my mouth was healthy.
Ryan O.
Feb 2014